Ladies and Gents, obsessions and addictions you gave up for your bag addiction?

  1. Hi, just wondering what obsessions or addictions you have given up to finance your bag collection.
    As for me, I had to quit buying antiques (I was obsessed with anything with roses, which includes plates, s/p shakers, and figures)
    And I also have to give up buying dolls:girlsigh: My husband knows that I always give up one addiction to finance the next one, so he's asked a couple of times when this bag addiction is going to end. He's hoping that the next one will be cheaper. I told him I have a long way to go. He likes to remind me that our 3rd child will be going to college next yr (our second child grad from college last year and I have 2 to go:sad: )Since I started this bag thing last yr, I have bought 6 bags, 3 Chanel, 3 LV's and I'm in the process of getting either a damier alma:heart: or damier speedy:love: within a week or so:girlsigh:
  2. I have given up gambling.
  3. I haven't really given up anything but last year I quit smoking so that gives me extra money for my bag purchases..that helps alot, it was about $3.00 a day.
  4. Twiggers, good for you. At least with the bags, you have something to show for:graucho:
  5. I haven't given up anything..but I've started working and stopped being a grad student :smile:
  6. :wlae: I usually will work extra hours at my job or I have stopped buying smaller things I don't really need so I can buy a great new bag!
  7. I haven't given up anything completely, but my electronics spending has gone down significantly, as has my useless never-gonna-be-worn clothing spending. I also quit smoking last year and sold my car, so that put some cash in my pocket, too.
  8. I haven't given up anything...

    Actually if I didn't have my daughter, I'd have twice as many bags than I do now. Children really cut into the Purse Fund, but it's all good.;)
  9. Well, I used to spend alot more money on clothes, shoes, and makeup. Now, I've cut way back on those things to buy my LV's!!!!
  10. Ha ha, ha, just wait till they go to college and they need a car and so on, and on. We're in the process of getting a car for my 17 yrs old right now. Talking about cutting into the bag fund, sheesh, waaahhhhhhhhhh:crybaby:
  11. Wow, Kezza, good job. Congrats on quitting smoking, that's quite an accomplishment.
  12. I gave up my make-up and clothes addictions for my bags!!!! And I am glad I did!
  13. I stopped drinking! That freed up a considerable amount of money that had gone toward expensive wines! I joke about it now, but it actually was a very hard thing to do...
    Also I don't spend as much on clothes, nails and shoes as I used to. I used to have acrylic nails and the upkeep was constant, but now they're short and natural and I do them myself.
  14. I stopped buying so much makeup and cheap clothes.
  15. Thanks chanel! I really say to myself now "hmmmm $1K at casino or a nice LV?" It's the past hubby would offer to drive me to the mall and shop instead of gambling but I never if he said LV or casino I'd totally choose LV!

    I have also downsized some stuff....I used to spend alot of money on clothes...and instead of buying 10 pairs of cheap jeans I'll buy 1-2 pairs of designer jeans. I'm trying to slowly redo my whole wardrobe to be more simple instead of wearing things once and then off to Goodwill.

    I also gave up shoes.......I sold all my shoes at a garage sale (100+ pairs non-designer) and only kept some nice ones and all my running shoes.

    I still have my ebay addiction (selling not buying)....but that addiction helps feed the purse addiction!