Ladies and Gents... lets switch it up a bit.


Manhattan GM Vs. Bordeaux Mirage Speedy

  1. Manhattan GM

  2. Bordeaux Mirage Speedy

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  1. Okay so there is a thread asking about the Tivoli Vs. Manhattan GM. What about the Manhattan GM Vs. Mirage Speedy Bordeaux?

    I've looked at both and tomorrow morning at 10 AM, I will be ordering either one. Please help me decide.

    I love both... but the Manhattan seems a little more practical in the sense of it lasting more.

    Does anyone own both?
  2. i'd get the Manhattan GM; it's such a classic piece, and it's a beautiful bag. i think the Bordeaux blends in a little too much with the brown canvas; the Noir gives it a bit of a pop
  3. No question at all....the bordeaux speedy!!
  4. I like the Mirage better...if you had said Manhattan PM, I would have gone with that...but I really don't like the big strap thing on the GM.
  5. I'd definitely get the Bordeaux Mirage Speedy hands down.

    This beauty is on my "Dream List". :girlsigh:
  6. Definitely the Bordeaux Mirage Speedy i like the degrade effect on it more than the noir!!! In additional, it's a limited edition bag...manhattan can wait :yes:
  7. Bordeaux Speedy....It's amazing!!
  8. Bordeaux Speedy... it is a stunning bag!!
  9. Although I love the Manhattan GM, I love the bordeaux Mirage Speedy even more! I have the bordeaux Mirage Speedy and it is such a gorgeous bag --- the bordeaux color really pops against the degrade effect of the monogram canvas. Get the Mirage Speedy first since it is LE and then get the Manhattan GM later. Good luck with your decision --- both bags are beautiful!
  10. I sold my Manhattan GM... it is cute but really heavy. I love my mirage speedy!!!
  11. ~I would def. go for the MIRAGE SPEEDY:heart::yes::girlsigh:~
  12. Bordeaux Mirage Speedy vote as well!
  13. another vote for the mirage speedy. Such a beautiful bag and a twist on the classic mono speedy.
  14. i think a guy can get away with a Manhattan GM more than a Speedy.
  15. Ahhh! so hard! I love both of these bags~ but...... Bordeaux Mirage Speedy