Ladies (and gents) help, fast please

  1. Ok I have a chance to get one of the mini is so cute! But so useless....

    Ironic isn't it, me who does like speedys that

    I really want it...but...

    Ack! help!
  2. Are you referring to the HL Speedy:confused1:
  3. Get's so cute! I wear mine with a strap and dump my keys and cell in it, does hold all the basic necessities...
  4. Sounds like it. I did wear mine in the past with the 45" strap, porte-monnaie plat, cellphone, ecetera.....:flowers:
  5. No not the HL, the mini one from the icons collection, sorry should have been clearer...
  6. ohhh how cute..I love it!!! get!!!how can you get one I heard they are special special want one too...
  7. my sa called and asked if i was still coming in today, and said they had one and she thought of me....I don't know...
  8. You can go see it and if it's cute you can get it, even just to have as an accessory?
  9. If I had the money and if I was a woman, I would get it.

    It would look sooo cute hanging off any bag!
  10. Get It!:devil:

  11. Yes:yes: ,right

  12. Yes:yes: ,right
  13. Get it! It can only go UP in price... it will never go on sale and no one else really has one.
  14. Get it!:yes:
  15. I think each boutique must have received one of each of the mini bags. I had one on hold yesterday. It retails for $965.