Ladies - A Quick Question About The Cerise Speedy

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  1. Hello all -

    I was perusing the collection section, and happened upon the Cerises Speedy, and I fell in love instantly. :love:

    My question is this - I have looked all over the forum and the internet in general, and it seems as though this particular design in the speedy only came in the 25 size. Is this correct? I am a little worried about this, if it is so, as I always carry larger bags, and, from what I've seen, the 25 is rather small.

    Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. I believe the 25 size was the only speedy offered. This was a limited edition so the choices of styles and sizes were very few. I own the 25cm speedy- it is very cute and makes me smile. For me, it is a weekend bag or maybe one to carry to the movies when just carrying essentials like wallet, keys, lipstick, etc. I would not recommend it as a workhorse everyday bag if you are used to a large bag for that purpose. The cerises sac plat would be a better choice imo as an everyday bag.
  3. The Cerises Speedy was only available in the 25. I love mine, but rarely use it because it now seems too small to me. It's such a cute, whimsical bag!!
  4. speedy cerises only 25!!!!!!!!!;););)
  5. It did only come in a 25. The 25 is more than ample for my needs. I normally carry:

    Miroir Cosmetic Case
    Zippy Coin Purse
    Zipped 6x3x2 bag
    Reading Glasses
    Agenda PM
    Coin purse
    and some misc small things like tic tacs, wet wipe packets, tissues, etc.
  6. Yup, only comes in a Speedy 25. Rather small but very cute imo
  7. Yep, only available in 25, but IMO, it is the perfect size for such a cute design! It may look small but it can store more than I initially expected.
  8. I think that in the cerise design the 25 is a perfect size for it. Any bigger, it would look blehhh.
  9. thanks, ladies! thank you all for being so helpful! :smile:
    i guess i'll see how big it is when i get it. [it'll be a while, probably]
  10. 25 is super small! that being said, it looks sooo darn cute in the cerise, i would still probably get it, if i found a good price!
  11. The Cerise Speedy only came in the 25.
  12. Yes, only 25...Anything else would be fake.
  13. Hey *Jenn* I'd like to weigh in on this. I typically only get larger bags, seems I have a lot of stuff to tow around. I have a mono 30 and thought the cerises 25 would be too small but it's not. I have to downsize to one of my smaller wallets, no zippy for me, but it fits a makeup bag, wallet, agenda, blackberry and smaller credit card holder. I know it seems small but really can fit a lot of stuff.
  14. ^^^^ thanks for weighing in! i was looking in the "Whats in your LV" thread and the 25s really do seem to hold a lot! might be the perfect size for me; we'll see. :smile:
  15. It's a great bag, I still love mine. I think the cuteness of the cherries is better suited to a smaller bag anyway.