lacy bras vs. seamless, which do you prefer?


Aug 26, 2007
Ladies, I was just wondering if you prefer a lace bra or a seamless one? I had breast reduction surgery about eight weeks ago. Previously, I was a 32F or 32G. I"m only 5'2'' and fairly petite so that was way too big IMO. I never wore pretty bras, I only had fairly utilitarian seamles bras. They were ok but plain. So I was really looking forward to some pretty bras, maybe even some matching sets.

I went for a fitting and I'm a 34DD. I'm kind of bummed about that as the docor had said she would try to get me to a C cup. My secret hope was to be a B cup. In any event, I still needed to buy some new bras. I splurged and bought nine sets of lingerie. Three of the bras are seamless and the rest are lacy. My problem, which I never realized before, is that the lacy bras don't seem to work with my clothing. I wanted them so badly that I sort of ignored the fact that they show through most everything. They don't work with most blouses or cashmere sweaters.

So ladies, waht do you wear your lacy bras under? Should I return them and get seamless which is what seems practical to me. I think they the lacy ones are so pretty but maybe not worrth it. Your thoughts?
Feb 11, 2006
I used to have a lot of lace bras but I stopped buying them because they do show under clothes. Honestly, I can't think of the last time I wore one. I always wear seamless bras. It's just more practical for everyday wear.


In LaLa Land
Sep 9, 2006
I prefer seamless as well because it goes well under clothes. I do rotate my lacier bras for wear in the winter time though, because it wouldn't show under thick sweaters and sweatshirts.


Champagne Taste
Sep 6, 2007
I go seamless most all the time. Once in awhile I can get away with lacy with certain tanks if I want the lace to peek out a little but seamless are just more functional. And VS makes some very sexy seamless plunge bras and fun colors if you are looking to spice things up a bit. Congrats on the reduction. I hope you are happy with the results.


Sep 8, 2007
You are probably still swollen and you should wait 6 months before buying bras (to know your true size).

I don't like lacy bras (used to have loads of them in my younger years) for the same reasons other posters have stated. You might want to keep one or two to wear in the winter months, when you wear a lot of layers of clothings.


Oh no she di-int!!
Jun 1, 2006
I love seamless bras and Chantelle is my favorite. There are some with lightly molded cups which are seamless and then have some subtle lace on the sides so you get a little bit of benefit of both and a bra that doesn't show, yay!!

I like super lacy stuff but only for romantic occasions...not everyday.


Jun 1, 2007
I wear Victoria's Secret very sexy bras. Not sure if they're seamless or not, but they don't have any fancy lace decorations. :nogood:

Personally, I think the lacy bras are more for bedroom purposes if you catch my drift. lol.