Lacura cosmetics (Aldi)?


Jul 10, 2008
Has anyone tried the Lacura brand products from Aldi?

Aldi just opened a store here and I was looking at the cosmetics. The prices are very low (under $5 for more items) but they look fairly high-end - the mascara packaging is *exactly* the same as Lancome Hypnose. I know they're made in Germany... wondering if perhaps they're made by Lancome or something. I know that many Aldi products are big name brands just sold under the Aldi name (Folgers coffee, Borden milk, etc.) so I am curious if the same applies to these cosmetics.

Anyone have any opinions or reviews of these products?
Feb 26, 2006
I didn't even know Aldi sold cosmetics.

Trolley-Dolly, Aldi is grocery chain that has super low prices, because they sell their own private label products. They also don't have baggers. Customers bag their own stuff.

Edited to add: I just Googled this and the products look really nice. One of the blogs I read said the products are developed by a German cosmetics/skin care company and supposedly have the same high quality ingredients of department store lines at a fraction of the price. Now I am curious!
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