Lacrosse Tryouts Start Monday! PRAY FOR ME

  1. Hey guys!!!! I just got back from a Scrimmage game this mornin'. I have a 3-hour pre season workout tomorrow! And NOT looking forward to it- it'll be the hardest practice of the pre-season because it's going to be the day before tryouts!!

    Tryouts last until Thursday, and the first day is on MONDAY! I'm so scared and excited at the same time. It's my first year playing women's lacrosse, and I've been going to all of the workouts and playing on a rec-team so far, so I'm hoping to God that it will pay off. And at least the coach knows me now and stuff; so it's not like I'll show up unannounced. I'm tight with some of the girls on the team, too, so that's a plus.

    I need your hugs and prayers! Seriously! It's going to be hardcore and it's my first year playing! We're going to have a new coach this year, and she was previously the coach of the #1 team in the highschool division in the country. Just a little scary, eh?

    HUGS and PRAYERS this way, maybe? I'm so ready... wish me luck. :heart:
  2. good luck!! I played lax in high school too, I loved it. have fun!!
  3. Thanks mucho Mundo! ;) How many years did you play, what position, and how hard were tryouts for you?
  4. Good luck! I played club lacrosse through college and started the high school program in my city. It was really rewarding coaching (especially teaching girls a sport they had never seen before) and it sounds to me like you have the right attitude! Honestly, the successes I had playing all the different sports I did were not necessarily all from talent. I worked VERY hard and always put in 100% effort with even the smallest tasks. Coaches like that.

    Even if you have a hard time with something, keep a positive attitude, and never ever quit. If that's the only piece of advice you take from this, take that.

    When I played, I played just about every position except goalie. My favorite was any midfield position, but especially D wing as defense in any sport is always my strong point :biggrin:
  5. Best of luck, lots of hugs from me and you'll be in my prayers! Keep us updated!
  6. Wishing you the best of luck honey!

    I was never an athletic type, I was the moody artist you all avoided, but I LOVE to watch LaCrosse games. Did you know it was first started by American Indians? Too cool, eh?

    Go get em girl!
  7. I love that they used Lacrosse to train for war, and would play over miles and miles and sometimes play to the death!
  8. Oh, yeah, there were no real "goals" in their games!! Games involving balls and sticks and the like have been aroound for centuries. But LaCrosse is my favorite one of all.

    You may remember Diane Whipple? She was a LaCrosse coach and I'd seen several of the games she coached in the Bay Area. Incredibly exciting! The sport lost much with her passing.

    MyLuckyCharm, I hope you get a lot of fun and tons of wins! Good luck!
  9. Good luck!
  10. Good luck!!! I was too wimpy to play in HS but I always wanted to. Rock it out, girl! :tup:
  11. Good Luck! :tup:
  12. good luck!
  13. Goodluck!