Lacquer tray in soft metallic gold?

  1. I'm looking for a lacquer tray (like the square ones from West Elm) in a soft gold metallic color. I've decided that my dining room buffet needs some sprucing up. :smile: West Elm has great trays and I would consider getting red or yellow, but my heart is set on a soft gold. It seems like Pier 1 used to have these in stock, but not anymore. Has anyone seen something like this? Of course, they're be all over the place in December, but I don't want to wait until holiday season.

    This is kind of what I'm looking for:

    But in a gold-ish color (this one is too large and sold out):||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-
  2. I know you don't want to wait until the Holiday season.. but it is right around the corner! Items like this will be popping up in September/October. I actually got two fun metallic trays just like the ones you linked to in patterns from West Elm. Perfect for coffee tables as well!
  3. You can buy a wood tray from a craft store or even Pier One and a can of gold spray paint and make your own.
  4. It seems like Pier 1 and West Elm put out holiday trays. I just want it NOW. Ugh, it sounds ridiculous, but you know the feeling when you know what would look great and you just want it as soon as possible? That's how I feel. Also, we have visitors coming soon and I'd like the house to look more put together. Our dining rooms looks completely unfinished and I think accessories would do the trick.
  5. I would start paging through google images trying different keywords-- that's how I found most my furniture actually! Since regular stores didn't have the style I like. Someone online is bound to sell one now!
  6. I've tried this... so far, I've found one for $175 (too expensive for me) and a few at party rental places that aren't for sale. There are a ton on google images that link to expired links at West Elm and Pier 1. At least I know that these places HAD the trays at some point, and will hopefully have them again during holiday season.
  7. Try Target! You might be surprised--I have a rectangular tray exactly like what you are looking for that I bought on clearance a couple of years ago. Sadly I use it to hold kitty food dishes so it is a bit battered now.
  8. try Etsy, I have found all kinds of things on there.
  9. Great idea....way cheaper and you can get amazing effects from cans of spray paint!
  10. alright ladies! it is holiday time so run to for their silver and gold metallic trays :yahoo: