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  1. Has anyone ever been to a lacoste outlet & if you have how is their selection? I have an outlet an hour away in Leesburg but I want to see what everyone says before I decide if I should even go. Are they well made..better than Ralph Lauren! Any comments will help...thanks! I was watching a rerun of Pepper Dennis (Nothing better to watch) and her sister had a striped Lacoste was love at first sight & I can't find it anywhere on the web.
  2. I got a cute tennis dress at the lacoste outlet for less than $30 and they had my size (xl) which is rare to find for lacoste unfortunately. I also bought my son his graduation outfit there for under $100 for a button up shirt & slacks so that was a good deal too.
  3. I've never been to a Lacoste warehouse sale but I do have quite a few Lacoste polos and a pair of their runners and the quality of them is awesome. Definitely worth checking out!! :yes:
  4. There is an outlet by me in florida. The male selection is always much much better than the female selection- there are always the typical lacoste polos in the male section and the female is just kinda whatever didn't sell or whatever wasn't a hit. But it is worth checking out!
  5. there's a lacoste outlet at woodbury commons. a few weeks ago i went and they had a whole wall of women's polo shirts in a lot of colors (red, coral, green, etc) but when i went yesterday, they had 5 or so in a mustard color. they had a lot of men's long sleeved polo shirts.

    i think their polo shirts are better than ralph lauren stuff. they seem to wear less than ralph lauren when you wash them.
  6. I love lacoste generally, but don't have an outlet near me. Sometimes they appear on bluefly or on sale at Nordstrom's though:smile:
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies I really appreciate it. I'll go Saturday there are other stores I can check out while I'm there like burberry & coach, so it shouldn't be a waste at all!
  8. Have fun at the outlet! It's been a while since I made it out to Leesburg. The last time I was at a Lacoste outlet was at Woodbury Commons in NY. I got a lovely navy blue dress, and although I don't wear much any longer, it cost only $40....a huge steal.

    Good luck, and share if you get anything!
  9. I've never been to their outlet, but their clothes are great, and definitly good quality. Btw, I watched pepper dennis all the time (LOVE it lol).
  10. The Lacoste outlet in Cabazon is pretty good. Better for men's stuff than women's, however. I have never seen the slim-fitting Lacoste polos for women in the outlet, but they often have cute sweaters and dresses and hats.
  11. I was actually there this past Memorial Day weekend :yes: Their selection for the womens section wasn't great, a bunch of orange and red picked over polos in the short sleeves, but, they had a TON of sweaters and long sleeved shirts, and quite a few pairs of jeans :smile: GL, I suggest NOT going on a sat tho, its more likely to be picked over!!
  12. Does Macy, Hechts, & Lord & Taylor sell Lacoste?
  13. The one here in my area sucks. I get better things on sale at the store or Macy's.
  14. I've seen Lacoste at Lord and Taylor.
  15. I think Lacoste has excellent quality tops and jackets. Definitely check out the outlet - for 25-70% off, it's really worth the money. I've been to the Lacoste outlet at Cabazon, and they had some great deals there. HTH! :flowers:
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