Lacoste shoes-yes, no, maybe so?

  1. I am thinking of getting lacoste shoes but need help deciding between these:


    I have never seen these in real life yet, but they look pretty cute. any suggestions? and for lacoste shoe wear-ers, do the sizes run small or big, or just normal?
  2. I don't know anything about the shoes, but I like the ones with the pink stripes. Not that you asked....:P
  3. I have a pair similar to the one in the first picture. They are very comfortable and I think they run true to size.
  4. Don't worry irishgal, i'm open to people's favorite. It helps me with my decision.
  5. If anyone has seen them in real life, could you tell me if it looks different or not?
  6. I've seen almost all colors, but i never like 'em.. sorry, but the MJs of lacoste are better though.. But IMO;)
  7. I like the first blue ones. :smile:
  8. I like the pink one.
  9. I don't have any lacostes myself but my husband swears by them and believe me he knows his shoes!
  10. I like the ones with the pink stripes too !

    I'm not sure about the actual quality of the shoes themselves, I've never owned a pair, but man are they cute !
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I really like them but i would like them more without the perforation. I think i'll live. I found out in a recent trip to Nordstrom that they do, in fact, run about a half size big.
  12. I love Lacoste shoes! Feel like your wearing air.
  13. I love Lacoste shoes too, and I hate wearing shoes (because I love flip flops and heels). I have these and I love them. They're comfortable and cute.
  14. I love Lacoste shoes - I hve a pair of their Mary Janes, and they're very cute! I have not bought their traditional sneakers yet. I agree - the pairs I have run about 1/2 a size big.
  15. These are cute but I'd wait - the fall Lacoste offering look really cute! Just saw their add in the new Sept. Vogue for an adorable chocolate brown pair in a new style.