Lacoste Retro Fit Polo for only $24

  1. spring07 for free shipping
  2. thanks I ordered 2 for my daughters. free ship is spring7
  3. Wow that is a great deal! I have been wanting a red Lacoste polo for quite some time! Thanks for the info and the free shipping code!
  4. This is seems to be a typo... I wonder if they are going to honor the price? I hope so!
  5. Just ordered a few. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I just bought some for myself =)
  7. oh wow that was such an amazing deal! I bet its a typo but oh well, they have to honor that price! I just bought 2 :yahoo: Thanks so much for the info!!!
  8. ...what a shame that I can't order from France !
  9. I ended up buying one in each color. The vermouth is a very dark burgandy, the red is a bright red, and the madras pink is the one pictured.
  10. Is the vermouth the brown-ish colored one in the bottom picture? Maybe I should order that color too...
  11. Yes, it is rather brownish. If you go to they have a good picture of it. Not the best spring color, but nice for the fall.
  12. Thanks.
  13. wow the color on adasa looks so much better! Thanks! I'll be ordering that one too. :yes:
  14. I just ordered one too. I saw it on the phone when I was driving so I raced home to get one! Madras pink should be a pretty color..well see what it looks like soon! I wish they still had black though...but Im glad I got one none-the-less. :smile: thanks ladies!