Lacoste On Sale At Macy's Stores

  1. Went to Macy's State St. and Northbrook, almost all of the lacoste are marked down plus extra 40% off on lowest ticketed price. I bought 5 items right away:yahoo:. Many pique stretch polo on sale for $45-40% off=$27.00+tax. Available colors-hot pink, green, blue, reddish pink, etc. (sorry for the colors, I'm too lazy to look up their specific names). Bought also long sleeves stripes with buttons and pocket for $31.00 orig. price $88. I saw a jacket-$99. A lot of fleece, hoody, long sleeves,etc. Just make sure to scan the tags because at Northbrook, they did not even mark the prices down, no signs saying "40% off". Good thing I saw the lacostes at State St. first, that way I know which ones are on sale. Sorry for the gentlemen who are interested, the shirts are just 25% off price as marked (mostly $59):p.
  2. nice.. ill stop by tomorrow! thank you for the info..
  3. What sizes did they have?
  4. I saw size 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, and even 46. A lot of 38 and 40. A lot of styles to choose from:tup:.
  5. is this online also?
  6. Did they have black, brown, white navy blue? (non-bright colors?)

    Thanks so much for the info, do you know if they ship?
  7. I don't think its online b/c they don't sell women's lacoste online!
  8. Omg thank you sooo much for the info!
  9. Oh, I did not bother to see whether those colors are on sale since I have those already. There's one shade of blue that is also $27 but I don't think it's navy. It's possibe that the brown is on sale. Just remember to scan everything since the lacostes at Northbrook appears to be all original price, no markdowns what so ever and no sale signs. Good thing I have this habit of scanning before believing the price :p.
  10. Not sure if they ship. Try calling one of the stores.
  11. Is this only for ladies Lacoste?
  12. UGH, I'm on the phone with Northbrook right now (for like 15 mins now), it took them forever to transfer me to the right dept and now they say there's nothing on sale. Very unhelpful!
  13. Maybe this'll help the men... or women shopping for their men!
    macy's coupon.jpg
  14. thanks, i just back from the state street store and they still have PLENTY left, the store is empty, seems no one is shopping in this weather! i scored 2 long sleeve top for $60..i tried to use the reward coupon 15-20% or $20 off $50 but neither works, i hate their coupon!
  15. They're a bunch of liars. I bought my four items at Northbrook. As I've said, the whole lacoste section appears to be original price, like the polos- their tags says $75 but if you scan, it's $27 (not all colors though). What I'm not sure is if they ship or not.