lacoste on ebay?

Hey mandm =) I would be very wary of buying lacoste off ebay unless you know how to differentiate between authentics and fakes. Personally though, I wouldn't because I can't tell the difference and would rather not be ripped off.

Are you looking at polos?
thanks for pointing to pointdexter -- I'm messaging him! Love the music on the home page:smile:

Mello, I'm worried about getting a fake too, I have a real one for comparison, but am certainly no expert. They only sell them at one store here in our little town, for the retail of $72 so this discount site sounds great.
bumping this...does anyone know if Lacoste ever makes polos in letter sizes (s, m, l) rather then numbered sizes? I am interested in one on ebay and the seller says it was purchased from the boutique in Orlando, FL--the polo is a "silver edition". can anyone shed light on this?
Lacoste never goes by s,m,l or XL. but, I think if you go to Neiman Marcus's online site, I believe they will give you an average sz chart from european to US sizing. actually...

there we go lol. They run kinda small too, their normal polos do at least, but, their cotton ones run like a normal s-xl size :smile:
My b.f's brother bought some on ebay and they turn out to be fake. He had a real Latose polo, and compare them to the ones he got and they were fakes. He got 10, cuz he thought the price was good. Now he's wearing them to wash his
My cousin ordered an 'authentic' Lacoste shirt off eBay and it was the fakest most hideous thing EVER. The croc was smiling and had eyes?!?!!

Lacoste does not use S,M,L....