Lacoste has the worst CS ever.

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  1. I ordered a dress from lacoste way over a month ago. the dress didnt fit. i returned it to a lacoste boutique the next day. the boutique said that they could not refund me my money because they had to send it back to the warehouse and once the warehouse received it, they would refund me. This was a month ago. I still have no refund. I call the store, and they say according to their tracking number lacoste has it. i call lacoste cs and they say they have no such record of it. im pissed.
  2. i'm sorry it happened to you.
    weren't you given a refund receipt when you returned the dress @ the boutique?
  3. ^ Yeah that what I was going to say too...try bringing back your receipt.
  4. No, they said that i COULD NOT be refunded until the warehouse receives my shipment. THEN weeks and weeks go by, and the CS service is claiming they never received the shipment EVEN THOUGH the boutique is saying yes the received it.
  5. what a mess, I hate bad CS. I hope you get your money back.
  6. I would have the boutique call the warehouse and let them know of this issue. It seems like something that could easily be worked out with communication on their end. I would raise hell until I get my refund. Good luck.

  7. +1

    Go to the store and have THEM call CS and find out what happened. I don't understand why the STORE couldn't give you a refund. That's CRAZY
  8. This is their Return Policy according to their website:

    Return items (excluding shoes) to any of our domestic U.S. Lacoste stores (non-outlet).

    You must have your packing slip with you in order for the store to process your return and credit the original form of payment. Please use our store locator to find a store near you. Unfortunately, Lacoste Outlet stores will not be able to accept returns.
    ***PLEASE NOTE: All purchases of shoes must be returned by mail. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of shoes at any of our retail locations.***

    Returning items to a store could be a time consuming process, so you may prefer to send items back through the mail.

    All return, credit and/or exchange requests made at our stores must take place within 30 days of order receipt. Shipping is not refundable. Items must be in like-new condition and unworn to be accepted as a return in our stores.