Lacoste friends and family

  1. I got a friends and family coupon valid from 10/6 - 10/9

    20% off reg. merchandise at any lacoste store.

    Anyone interested, PM me your email and i will forward this to you : ) :flowers:

    I'd attach it here, but it wasn't sent to me as an attachment
  2. If I don't respond right away, I will def. respond the next day....because I have it on my work email : )
  3. ^^^^ Thanks, but in the email i got, it said

    "Please find the text version of the Friends and Family email below. This version must also be printed out to receive the discount.

    Pass Along!"

    So to my understanding, it's not ONLY the coupon that's needed, but the email that came w/ the coupon.

    So I dunno :shrugs:
  4. ^ do you mind emailing me the coupon too please? Thank you. I will pm you my email address. Thank you very much :flowers:
  5. hi, could you emai it to me too? please?
    please send it to

  6. me too please....
  7. Has anyone used this yet? Just wondering what I need to print out to get the 20%... Thanks!
  8. Can i have it too plss? Thanks!
  9. Ohhhh sweet. Can I have it to? Send it to ! Also, is it valid at ANY lacoste store? Including Canada?
  10. D&G rockstar thanks for emailing it to me!
  11. Thanks for the coupon. I got myself two shirts. Thanks again.