Lacoste for $17!!

  1. Gone...
  2. it's all gone...I checked 2 min after your post
  3. i keep missing this AHHHHH
  4. what a great deal!

    i missed it too! darn!
  5. i think i got the last 2, red and pink...
  6. omg i keep miss this :crybaby:
    thanks shoptfs for the info
  7. phooey!! I missed it!! That is UNBELIEVABLE! I love lacoste!!
  8. this is the third time I missed this...:push: don't think it's meant to be...
  9. That is awesome you got such a great deal! I am sad however that they are all sold out :sad:
  10. :sad:
  11. They are all gone!!!!!!! :cursing:
  12. Wow! how do you manage to find such great deals?
  13. Wow, I keep on missing this, but I swear the sale last for like 1 min before its all sold out!
  14. dammit 3rd time now that i missed it! grrrr!! how can it be?!?!?!