Lacoste Flats- not sure if I should keep

  1. I got these flats yesterday at Nordstrom Rack for $59.90. It is a pretty good price and they are comfortable and all but I am not sure about the straps on the flats. All my flats don't have the straps and I'm not use to it at all!

    here is the pic of the shoes:

    do you think the straps are wierd? I know many shoes have them but I am not use to it. Should I keep or return? Is this a good buy for Lacoste shoes? I don't know much about Lacoste shoes.
  2. i think they are cute. keep them $60 is a good deal!
  3. Keep! i LOVE maryjanes!!
  4. I think that they look cute :yes:
  5. I like them! Keeeep!
  6. Super cute! The strap is what makes them even cuter, IMHO. Keep 'em :yes:
  7. I was about to say that lol - they are really cute $60 is a steal:yes:
  8. So cute-looks like you got a great deal on them. Definitely a keeper! I got a different pair for $95 the other day.
  9. Definitely keep them if they look cute on your feet. I tried on a pair of white Lacoste flats last summer, but without the strap, and they looked like nurse's shoes on me... something about the shape of the toe and the lack of toe cleavage (which I like a lot, some people don't... toe cleavage looks great with ballet flats imo). All depeds on how they look on you and with your outfits!!

    Great deal BTW!
  10. That's an awesome deal.
    My friend and I both have those shoes with the strap and really like them. Comfy and not too trendy. I think their great!
    Enjoy them!!!!