Lacoste Flats: How cute are these?

  1. Saw these in the Nordstrom catalog that arrived yesterday. I've never been a big Lacoste fan, but I'm giving plenty of thought to getting them.


    And I discovered this pair at Zappos

    Your thoughts?
  2. While not my style, i prefer the top ones. I could see them looking great with an outfit. I have a feeling the second pair might make your feet look strange, and they're a bit childlike. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours though!!!!
  3. Love both pairs...but if I was going to buy one, I would go for the second pair. Gorgeous color, great for spring/summer!
  4. I personally like the 1st pair better. However, you can order the second pair from Zappos and if you don't like it, you can return it. Zappos has free returns and they have a 365 day return policy. I love their website because there's no worries.
  5. I like the pair in zappos better :smile:
  6. The 1st pair are really cute.
  7. I think the first pair is adorable
  8. I like Lacoste shoes! I like the top pair.
  9. the first pair is really cute:love:
  10. On the right girl, those would be adorable!
  11. I like the first pair.
  12. i love the top ones, and the color is fantastic! its so bright and something i would wear. i'm not a big fan of the bottom ones.
  13. I have the first pair in the Navy.. They are REALLY Comfortable!!
  14. I :heart: the first pair
  15. I really like the second pair!