Lacoste Fitted polos

  1. not a bad deal....
  2. is there a current adasa code to use in addition??
  3. adasa 21% off all but clearance BUTTON27 2/25/2007
    Adasa 15% off (excl. sale items) toutie15 3/9/2006
    Adasa 25% off Lacoste lacoste25 3/19/2007
    Adasa 15% off SSF15 3/22/2007
    Adasa 20% off GRECHEN20 10/13/2006
    Adasa 10% off nextjump 2/7/2007
  4. The Dates are start dates. I do not know if they will work on sale items.
  5. good deal on lacoste:nuts:

    but are the items authentic??? i noticed many website sells fakes but claims to be authentic.
  6. i believe Adasa is a legit site
  7. This is a great deal! Their shirts are $49.99 and up at the Lacoste outlet.
  8. WOW!!! thanks for the post and all the codes!
  9. how does sizing run in this fit? what size (number) would be good for a small or medium?
  10. ^I think this fit runs a little small. I wear a 4/small but I wear a 6/38 in these.