LACOME mascara! what do you think?

  1. Hey all, I've been thinking of trying their products out, and would love to hear word. I was told hyptonse would be the best for my long lashes? I need something to curl and thicken.. TIA!
  2. hello aarti. i can vouch for hypnose. get it in DEEP BLACK!! if you use it with the base, i think it's called cils booster xl, it works wonders on my straight asian lashes. do know that it is a bit hard to remove so make sure you have a good dual phase eye makeup remover. i use el cheapo neutrogena oil free remover and it gets the job done. hope you like it! it's fab.

    if you want to prolong its life, store it in a ziploc so it limits the exposure to air as much as possible :smile:

    and if you don't want to get the cils booster base, definitely try the shiseido mascara base. i swear by that too :smile:
  3. i have tried different mascaras and lancome definicils remains my favorite!!!
  4. ^^ ITA definicils is my favorite lancome mascara hands down!!
  5. I agree - definicils is very reliable. I buy mascaras all the time (have about 10 different ones at least!) but always come back to definicils. Its very good for defining and legthening without clumping. It doesn't thicken much though. I reserve Hypnose for night's out or when I want my lashes to really stand out. It is very good for thickening and lengthening, but is a little clumpier, i think. I agree with ichelle, their cils booster makes a difference when used as a base. I think Lancome mascaras are the best!! BTW i also have L'extreme - it denfinitely lengthens but doesn't thicken.
  6. I'll try the base! I've actually always wondered about your eye lashes in your AMAZING modelling posts in LV, I should have asked ages ago! Would you reccomend going lancome or sheisedo for the base? I'll get one of those little snack bag zippies for it, thanks!

  7. Totally Agree!!! :tup: I love this mascara. I tried the Chanel and it didn't do anywhere near what the Deficils did.

  8. I like magicils coz it is easy to clean and definitely deficils!!
  9. i second .. & third .. & fourth all that! :tup:

    i SWEAR by lancome mascara!

    & as for hypnose -- that's my fav. it's the BEST to thicken & lengthen!

    i've tried quite a few other -- but nothing has compared to lancome! :biggrin:
  10. another one for defincils - seriously the stuff is awesome. IMO, the best stuff out there. Second runner up is Dior show
  11. Another vote for Lancome mascara!
  12. Another Definicils fan here...And Fatale is also very good
  13. ITA. All time favourite, Defincils. New favourite Dior Show.:yes: I switch back and forth between the two.
  14. I used to use Lancome mascaras but lately I've been loving YSL. I especially love the burgandy shade, it really makes me green eyes pop.

    Does Lancome make any colored mascaras besides the basic black and brown???
  15. ^^I think I saw a navy, not 100% though.