lack Paddington Bags...

  1. I much prefer red purses, but my next high-end venture needs to be a black one. I've been looking through the threads and have seen plain black with black thread and plain black with white thread (which I'm not so big on). Are there any other blacks? Metallics or otherwise?

    Thanks. I have to get the rouge bag out of my mind...mmmmmmm.:sweatdrop:
  2. I find it hard to find a black bag that I love...but the thought of a metallic black is sooo enticing.....wish I could help, haven't seen anything that interested me...

    But I agree about the rouge......
  3. There was a metallic black with black padlock out last year they were on sale at NAP but are all gone now :sad:
  4. Thanks!

    Is anthracite a black metallic? It's hard to tell from online pics, and I've never seen an anthracite bag in a store.

    Arrrgh. Sorry for the typo in the thread title. Sheesh.
  5. No, anthracite is not black metallic, its more of a grey metallic. If you go to the thread that documents Chloe bag colors, Post 89 (KMSNYC's post) she has a picture of a anthracite baby paddy. :yes:
  6. heres the metallic and non metallic anthracites.