Lack of silver hardware on new bags..

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  1. Anyone else frustruated with the lack of bags with silver hardware? I'm a silver hardware only girl (except for my 2 special LV's). It's just my personal preference. All my jewelry is platinum, white gold & my skin tone is cool so I've always preferred silver to gold. Anyway, there are SO many great new bags floating around out there but not many with silver hardware. Anyone else noticed the same thing?
  2. It's because gold is hot this season....

    But yes I am slightly frustrated too ... I don't want to mix my clothes with silver zippers with gold hardware purses....
  3. I'm also waiting not so patiently for silver to make a comeback...
  4. Omg, I've noticed this too. It bothers me a lot actually, I'm not big on gold hardware except on LV and I end up passing on a lot of bags because of that.
  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I stopped wearing, buying, or accepting gold jewellery a long time ago, after I realised that silver complimented my skin tone more. The prevalence of gold hardware this season is slightly offputting, and I can't wait for silver to come back in vogue.
  6. The LV Epi line has switched / is switching to silver hardware, if that helps any.
  7. Tons of Chanel have silver HW along with Hermes... I haven't really noticed that it's been hard to find.
  8. I'm actually happy with that. I do love my silver and white gold more, on me it just looks right, but gold works as well, and I'm loving the gold accessories. But maybe its because of the surge of gold because before I only had silver hardware.
  9. I usually wear silver also, but I have a watch that is both gold and silver so it helps me feel better when I have gold hardware bags..... And the strange thing is that I'm starting to LIKE the gold hardware.. what's wrong with me??? LOL... but there's NO way I'm going to wear gold jewelry!
  10. Longchamp has also switched their hardware from gold to silver. I just remembered this because I got a Longchamp wallet marked way down due to the store (Saks) purging the old hardware. Yay!
  11. Acegirl-- ITA :smile: