Lack of self control

  1. I've come to realize I have absolutely no self control.

    When I shop, I tend to go nuts. For example, yesterday I went to the mall just to get my LV Neo Cabby... couldn't resist getting another H bracelet too.

    When I drink, I drink to excess. I can't stop at just a few drinks, I go for six or seven.

    It seems like at everything I do, I want to do it more than everyone else... to an extreme.

    Is anyone else like this? :crybaby:
  2. I was just musing to myself today about my lack of self control when it comes to bag buying. I asked myself why I just can't be happy with just what I have (and that's A LOT) and not feel the constant need to be "Looking For Something Else."
    Got kind of sad's really like an addiction...
  3. *sigh* Me too. I just look back on all the bags that I've purchased and wonder why I need just "one more". :confused1::sos:

    :banned:hopefully until Nov. 07
  4. Me, too. I love it though. My whole life is a big ol' sybaritic celebration. I eat too much rich food, drink too much good wine, own too many beautiful bags (all of which I LOVE and use regularly!!!)...and I'm the happiest person I know. My gym-going, disordered-eating-pattern friends may look better in bikinis, and my frugal pals may retire with fatter savings accounts, but me, I'll always be the happy girl with the funny stories and full social calendar. And that's OK with me :smile:
  5. I am totally like this. I go overboard with everything, there is no middle ground for me. I do everything in copious amounts.
  6. Well I hate to tell you gals this, but I am MUCH older than most of you and I am still like this. I never grew out of it and you probably won't either! Lol! I just love great bags and never have enough. I buy one or two super ones, and am looking for the next one. Is that sick or what!!!???!!!
  7. I'm the same way!!! I'm definitely a shopaholic. I actually feel the high when I shop! LOL
  8. I am very lucky that DH has a handle on me...he is my sounding board (and would ever kill me if I came home after a day of "going crazy".) I guess if I ever want a divorce, I know what to do!! J/K...but he really is my control in my life!
  9. Nah... not me :whistle:

  10. ^^^^^^^^

    SHOPPING is one thing.....
    But drinking to excess can bring NOTHING but trouble.
    Hope you get that one out of your system.
  11. I can get shopping excessive but not above my means. every once in a while I have an 'eat as much as you can' day but other than that... no more excessiveness, thankfully I got that out of my system due to DH.
  12. Oy, My self control varies. I will go through a period where I can completely control myself perfectly and it's awesome. But then I'll go crazy and do whatever I want and more. I need an on and off button.
  13. Em, i think as long as you're not going hungry or not paying for necessities, spending money is not necessarily a bad thing. if you were racking up debt that you can't pay back, then that's another story.

    with the alcohol. i think that if the habit doesn't escalate or become more frequent, its not too bad. don't ever get behind the wheel though. but i know you're smarter than that.
  14. I hear ya, girl. I've just spent lots of money shopping for DVDs online. every time I got another batch and wanted one more, I thought "this will be my last HONEST!", but I did manage to spend about $100-$200, which is something I normally don't do. Oh well, it's good fun :yes:
  15. i believe in moderation in everything, but still i lack self control too. i always think that one more bag won't hurt anyone right? but then i see my bursting closet and sometimes feel guilty about it all.

    i used to drink excessively too, so much so that my friends had to take care of me all the time, which sucks for them (but they keeep insisting it's fun cos i'm a funny drunk?!!) but i've toned down on the drinking - feel way healthier too!