Lace-up MAM?

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  1. I could really use some help. I am ready to purchase my first RM MAM (birthday present from my husband) and I am looking at Fine Wine in
    both the lace-up and the classic styles. I am not able to see either one in person so it's hard to decide by online pictures without being able to feel the leather. The lace-up looks really cute (and I believe has a tassel) and is a
    bit more casual than the classic which I love but do you think it will be a style that will be outdated in a year? Would it be a wiser investment to go with the non lace-up version? I want to be able to keep it for a long time but I like the detail on the lace-up.
    Also, do you think the leather will be "stiffer" in the lace-up version- I was hoping for the
    smooshy feel of the MAB I have now. I tried to find opinions on the lace-up version here but didn't find many comments. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  2. I personally think that the lace-up would be good to use year after year, but maybe that's just me.
    The fine wine leather looks fantastic in either version.. and in both, I think it will age nicely and soften up!
    I would go with whichever you like more! It doesn't matter if something is going to be "outdated" -- as long as you like it!
  3. Thanks for your encouragement. You are right- what really matters is if
    I love it! I appreciate your response.