Lace up boots

  1. hey girls
    i was wondering what you guys think of lace up boots?

    i love these balenciaga boots::
    (loving her outfit btw)

    also these michael kors


    im thinking of buying the michael kors ones
    any ideas how i should wear them??? post some pictures =D
  2. I prefer the Michael Kors ones. The ones she's wearing look sort of "hookerish" to me. But I do love her Damier Agenda!
  3. AHH!! I'm drooling!! I've been dying for a pair of open-toed, heel showing boots! Does anybody know of any cute black ones???
  4. i like the kors one better as well.

    duff's are OK, but not on her (or how she's wearing them rather).

    i would wear them with jeans tucked in, or in the warmer months with a frothy floral dress. very '90s, which is back, back, back!
  5. i love em.
  6. Love the Kors, really flexible, go-with-anything boots. And a very slimming shape. Not really getting the B boots - makes her look as tho' she should be an extra with Russell Crowe in Gladiator :tdown:
  7. How much are the balenciaga's? anyone know?
  8. love her style!!!
  9. The balenciaga booties retailed for about $1500, but they were from last year, so I'm not sure how easy they'd be to find any more.
  10. >> I love the shoes! Balenciaga is great.
    ..except I wish there wasn't as much lacing, maybe if the lace hooks were further apart..
  11. I'm not too sure about the boots, but I do love lace up booties.

    Barbara Bui also has a similar slingback for this summer:

  12. God the Balenciaga Fall shoes were to DIE for :sad:

    I don't like how she's rocking them tho.