Labour Day Weekend : Any Plans ?

  1. What are you up to this weekend ? :wlae:
  2. My husband and I are going to the annual wine festival on Saturday, Sunday we are going to a party and spending the night at a friends house, and Monday is a free day for shopping and to recope.
  3. Shopping, shopping, & more shopping...just kidding I'm also going to my grandpa's b-day get together. That's all I have planned so far.
  4. with luck enjoying a few peaceful days with no children.
  5. Yes! Printed my Christmas list and am ready to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Going to our weekend house, the kids will play in the pool and I'm doing the shopping thang...:nuts:
  6. I will be with BF going to a couple outlets and just hanging out.
  7. Fall shopping in New York.
  8. Relaxing and chilling out.
  9. My husband and I are going on a camping trip on our mountain bike tandem (pulling our gear in our BOB trailer). There are some awesome gravel roads in the mountains around us, and it is likely that we will not see anyone but each other. :love: We will spend a night behind Borah Peak, which is the tallest peak in Idaho (Elevation: 12,662).

    P.S. We took this picture a couple of weekends ago when my MIL was visiting.:P
  10. DH and I will be Packing!!!!! for our trip on the 9th to the Greek islands and northern Italy.
  11. Staying in town...BF is working. Maybe a little shopping!
  12. Will be celebrating my parent's 26th anniversary this weekend. Then flying to Chicago next week.
  13. I will be taking a half day Friday to extend the weekend.....

    Saturday, I have a massage and facial appointment....which I don't get a chance to do nearly often enough.

    Sunday, I think we are going to make the quick 2-hour trip to Cleveland to shop....that's where the closest Nordstrom is to us, unfortunately. They keep saying they are going to open one here, but so far no luck! :sad:
  14. I'll be house sitting my neighbor's house and working on a couple school projects. We might go up to the lake on Saturday, but no definate plans yet.
  15. Sigh. Nothing. There's nothing to do up here in Alberta. Have a fun and safe trip to all the ladies who are going some where!