Labor Day: Woodbury Outlet

  1. I'm considering going to woodbury during labor day to see what deals I find in Guccil. Has anyone ever gone on labor day in the past? Was it worth it?
  2. Sounds like fun!!!! I will be going the Friday after Labor day. I hope they have good stuff left.
  3. beljwl: wow..same here..I'm going to woodbury on sept 7th...i think I'll be there really early since my flight from Irvine arrive at 6.30am...same as you..wishing there are lots of good stuff at BV, Chanel, etc etc *cross finger*
  4. good luck to you gals! keep us posted on what you got!
  5. Yes would love to know. My birthday is on labor day and would love to know if prices are going to be better than any other day at the outlet.