Labor Day Weekend Outlet Experience

Nancy in VA

Bal & Legacy Lover
Aug 21, 2006
Sarasota, Florida
Now that the old Legacy is hitting the outlets - I went to Leesburg, VA outlet again on Saturday. I returned a teal Francine - I might regret it but she was too big and flashy for me.

Of course I got some goodies I need to post pictures n later but let me tell you the place was packed!! You could not even move. They had 40% and 50% off some great items. They also had Lilys - the signature with vachetta and the tannish one with reddish patent which I bought BTW, teal, white and brown Francines, Thompson totes in natural, brown and light blue (Pond?), Legacy satchels, tons of Heritage stripe.

I got teachers gifts - Soho Signature Large wristlets that turned out to be $15.99 EACH! What a deal!

I also got a denim signature ponytail scarf for $7.99

The stock guy put some Heritage stripe wristlets on the shelf that were only $19.99 - I scooped some up for gifts -turned around 2 minutes later and all of them were gone! People were buying like crazy!
Jun 8, 2008
wristlets for $15.99!? ponytail scarf for $7.99?!?!?!?
Why cant Canada have outlets :sad:
Nice scores! You should post pics! :smile: