Labor Day Sale

  1. Hello Everyone....Just letting you know that the outlets are having a sale for Labor Day. The sale will be 25% off all shoes and clothing. 10% off all leather goods (handbags, wallets). We also just received 900 pairs of the SS07 shoe collection. And we received a whole bunch of new handbags. Come and check us out at the outlet!!!!

    *Unfortunately, since we have so much merchandise, I will try to post pics, but I won't be able to help anyone individually. We just have too much merchandise and it will be really challenging for me.
  2. thank you, Fendi:flowers:
  3. wish i had an outlet near me:sad:
  4. thanks, now...

  5. Thanks for the heads up. Do you see any spies or bags in the zucca fabric?
  6. Hi Fendi,do u have any spies on sale?:smile:
  7. :drool:Where is your Outlet located? In NYC?

  8. Thanks for the heads up! I won't be in NY until the 7th. Planning to hit the outlet on the 11th-- hope there'll be stuff left for me. Any Spies available? I can't the denim Spy out of my head :heart:
  9. We don't have any regular spies. We have the baby spy in taupe w/purple handles- $910. And we have the older spy hobo in denim stripes. $598. We have a 3 b bags.One regular leather, brown- about $1200. Then we have a wool beige with black trim and a velvet striped with leopard. The leopard one is like $1900 and I'm not sure about the wool one. Everything else we have is mostly zucchino logo and some other styles. We have a ton of shoes & clothing as well.
  10. about 50 miles north of NYC
  11. Fendilover, do you know what day the sale starts?

  12. The sale starts Aug 29th.
  13. aaawwww....why dont we have a fendi outlet here in SF?!?!
  14. do you still have the bag with the squirrel on it that has the fur tail? if so how much will it be? also the denim looking one with the squirrel and alot of beads?
  15. We still have the bag with the fur tail but the other is sold out. The one with fur I think is around $1000 (might be more) and there will be an additional 10% off.