Labor Day Handbag selection ?

  1. I'm sticking to my MC Alma in White for this L.D., light coloured capris, and white top. I'm going to the east, east, east end of Long Island not too far from Southhampton where everything will be going down this year. :yahoo:

    Has everyone selected their handbag to go with one's outfit for this Labor Day ? Any ideas ? :flowers:
  2. No, I have not. I am not planning on going anywhere.
  3. its rainy so i decided to wear my coussin
  4. I will be sporting my Cerises Speedy!! Or, it might be the Rouge Vernis Reade PM... I will have to see what kind of a mood I am in!
  5. I will be wearing my white MC Trouville. It's supposed to be sunny and 77 here! I will wear this bag until the end of Sept. then switch back over to the Mono Lockit PM.
  6. It is not raining for the first time in many days. I grabbed my speedy 30, wrapped an orange bandana on it, and out the door I went.