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  1. I am seriously contemplating the surgery, but wanted to hear about the experience of other women first. I like the idea of it, but am nervous about the results looking odd and the pain/healing process/complications. I've been unhappy with my... uhm... womanly parts haha since I was younger and it's also sometimes uncomfortable in certain underwear. I'm just scared about waking up after the surgery and having some sort of awful complications or not even having a labia at all!!
  2. omg! I personally would never go through with it, the thought terrifies me, i wouldn't want anyone messing with my womanly parts lol! OP, i don't think you should go through with it, we're all unique down there, there's nothing to be self concious about and let's face it, labias aren't the most attractive looking body part on anyone:P
  3. All of our parts look and feel differently...not bad or good...just different.

    Op, I think most of us, for one reason or another, have certain types of underwear that we cannot wear comfortably. I don't want to get graphic, but I cannot imagine any reason to be unhappy with the nether regions. At least, not unhappy enough to go through such an invasive procedure.

    Unless you are in the porn business and it hinders your performance ability:P
  5. I thought I wanted this, then I realised I just wanted an excellent sex life. I hope it doesn't get you down too much. :sad:
  6. This is an interesting question. When the question of breast enhancement comes up, people are told they are being judgemental if they say they disagree with the procedure or that people should be confident with what they have. People are constantly told that if it makes YOU feel better, then you should go ahead. And yet this OP mentions a cosmetic surgery and is told that she ought to be fine with the way she is.

    Now, it is highly unlikely that I'd allow anyone to take a scalpel to either my breasts or my nether regions, but that's just me. But I guess I don't see what's so significantly different about this than from any other cosmetic procedure (except other procedures are usually done on a more visible body part). The risks associated with the procedure are fairly small; it would be unlikely to affect sex except for the immediate healing period.

    So while I wouldn't do it personally, if this is something that really bothers you or that you really feel uncomfortable about, I guess I don't see it as significantly different from breast or eyelid or other surgeries. The whole point of any cosmetic procedure isn't NEED; it is to make the patient feel more confident with him or herself.
  7. OP should do whatever she feels is right for her. I wanted to ask, op are you married/in a relationship? if so, what does your man think about it?
  8. To me, I see even less point to this, unless it's medically necessary. Breast augmentation is about changing the physical appearance of a body part that is seen by everyone else (most of the time covered, of course). In this case, typically, only the OP and her SO is privy to that area, so I'm not sure why she'd feel the need to change its appearance..especially when there's not much stigma or bias attached to they physical appearance of it.

    I'm curious if this is more about the physical appearance or physical discomfort.
  9. Do alot of people see you in these certain kinds of underwear you feel you don't look good in? (One never knows what someones job is. Maybe she has to wear these underwear for some reason.)

    Whatever decision you make, do your homework. speak to at least 3 doctors & if one says don't do it, trust him. He's the conservative one & isn't looking just to make a buck.
  10. But regarding breast augmentation, women argue until they are blue in the face that they didn't do it (or they don't want to do it) for anyone else, and that they don't care what anyone else thinks. They claim they ONLY do it to make themselves feel better. If that is true (which I don't think it is, simply because no one does much of anything without considering at least what others might think or say), then what's the difference with this procedure?

    So, no there might not be the stigma attached to the appearance of one's lady parts, but if she feels uncomfortable entering into intimate relationships because of it, it might be worthwhile to HER to get the procedure.

    Again, I'm not advocating any sort of plastic surgery. I'm just saying that if someone does a different plastic surgery to make themselves feel more confident, what's really the difference with this? But I absolutely agree with VLL in that the OP ought to consult with a number of dr.s, do her homework and not rush into anything.
  11. I can't imagine even caring what anyone thought of my labia. lol
    But seriously, how often does anyone actually SEE this part of you? I think someone said it..unless you are a porn star and need it to make a living...I just don't see the point.

    Can I ask a personal question? I mean, you did kind of open the door given the topic. Is this for you or a SO?
  12. I think the question you should be asking is WHY you are uncomfortable in your own skin, not whether or not you should have surgery.
  13. Wow, a bit drastic and personal, no ? She mentioned for once she is physically uncomfortable, she might have not wanted to give us a whole story but to automatically assume she somehow lacks confidence because of it = ignorance at its best. :smile:
  14. From my understanding, women get labiaplasty for a number of reasons (a desire to reduce pain or discomfort, shame or embarrassment, to increase sexual function, etc.). Whatever the reason, if OP feels like she needs/wants the procedure, then that's her prerogative. I see nothing wrong with a little plastic surgery to make yourself feel better (physically or emotionally). I didn't get the impression that OP was coming here for a pep-talk on why she should be happy just the way she is...
  15. My thoughts exactly.
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