Labelspree has Coco Blanco and Dutchy purses for 70% off!

  1. Labelspree has a great sale going on for clothing as well as some purses, though it isn't a huge selection. If you are a new customer, you can get 10% off using code "new1". Have fun!
  2. Does anyone have experience with this site? I want to purchase something but I want to make sure they're reputable and reliable.

    p.s. thanks for posting, karen66!
  3. p.s. does anybody know about the handbag label "dutchy?" I know it's a SF-based handbag designer, but I want to hear from anyone who actually carries Dutchy bags. 've been wanting their "nana" handbag for awhile now. I like the vintage styling.
  4. I have a Dutchy bag, and so does my sister. I haven't carried mine much (because I have 9000 bags) but I know my sister wore hers to death.
  5. i ordered from them before and got my stuff!
    i don't know how secure their server is though.
    a few days after i ordered, unauthorized charges appeared on my card from something i purchased online and they were the only place out of the ordinary.

    might want to call in.

  6. I ordered something from this site and wasn't sure about it at first, but the site is listed on and I know Grechen wouldn't put up any sites that are suspect so I went ahead.

    Don't know anything about site security, but the purse that I bought came lightning fast which was amazing since this doesn't usually happen living in Canada. The purse was 100% authentic. Hope that helps. :yes:
  7. Just scored a pair of Joe's Jeans for $50 including tax, free shipping and that code! Thanks!
  8. Two weeks back, I'd ordered the Dutchy Nana Doc Medium in Nutmeg from the Dutch site for $126.50 but I just found it on Labelspree for $75.90 and that's a big difference of $50.60 i.e. 40% extra!

    1 have 2 questions:
    1) Would you know why the designer herself should charge 40% more than a vendor site?
    2) Do you think she should rebate me the difference?

    I have written to Audree but would appreciate your POV.

    Many thanks.
  9. Designers likely have more overhead cost since they are only selling their products.
  10. thanks DIADIVA! i was going to buy it last week on labelspree for $126.50 and i didnt know it got marked down to $75.90! now i really have to buy it.
  11. Glad to help. :tup:

    What are your thoughts on what I posted? I'm feeling a little sad that I didn't get the better bargain since I paid $30 for shipping alone (I live in Singapore) so the bag in fact cost almost double of what I would have paid, had I bought it off Labelspree. :tdown:
  12. digablebeatz
    Quick update, I've just heard back from Audree of Dutchy and she's going to sort out the pricing issue with Labelspree - it should never go so low so she's getting that rectified. If you're planning to buy the Nana, get it now!
  13. vendors buy their bags at wholesale costs and then it is up to them how they price their bags. i'm assuming that the vendor put the dutchy bags on further reduced sale than the designer did. it's kind of like how you might find cheaper airline tickets on expedia or travelzoo as opposed to the actual airline's website.

    i don't know if she "should" rebate you the difference, but hopefully she'll off you some kind of discount on your next purchase...
  14. lol! yeah, sometimes vendors DO price things way lower than they're supposed to. perfect example: jenny yuen on is way cheaper than jenny yuen on
    anyways i might snag the jet tote! it's large, fabulous and fabulously priced!!!
  15. darn the nana doc sold out. and labelspree has already increased the price. oh well! looks like i saved some cash