Labello Lip Balm by Nivea

  1. I love this lip balm. I first used it in Israel, when I visited.. couldn't find it in the USA but my friend brought more back when she went home to Argentina.

    My question is.. does anyone know where I can purchase this lip balm in NYC? I feel like they must have it somewhere.. a lot of peoples' reviews on makeupalley said they brought it back from Italy or Canada, etc. But I'd love to know where I could purchase some here. I really love it.
  2. I had the same problem. I'd just buy it online.
  3. It's quite popular here in Mexico; you can find it almost anywhere. I guess that's not much help, though hehe. Maybe I could post you some? PM me if you're interested!
  4. you can find it pretty much everywhere here too.
  5. They have it on I've been dying to try it!!!!!
  6. I :heart: this lip balm as well but have not been able to find it in NY. Can't seem to find it on Amazon either.
  7. labello=heaven:heart:
  8. I can't believe you can't find this product! You can get it at practically any drugstore here in Canada. It's great stuff, it really heals chapped lips.
  9. Unbelievable!! We have it here in Canada at every drugstore as another member mentioned. I never thought this was a "rare" product.

  10. that's exactly what I thought .... I saw it on Amazon and was shocked about the price, they sell them for 7$-8$ :rolleyes:

    I'm in Germany and Labello is pretty much THE lip balm here. They go from 1€-3€ here, so have that in mind when buying from some online source. I feel like they are ridiculously overpriced at some sites :yes:
  11. ^^how funny I picked some up last time I was in Winnipeg. (the canadian border is like a 1.5 hrs from me!) I was wandering around a drugstore looking at the products (love beauty products) and picked up the labello on a whim. I didn't realize it was such a hot item. My lips were feeling really chapped---living on the prairie will do that to you-- so I picked up some balm. I mainly bought it for the pretty packaging and because it's Nivea. (I grew up in Germany, so I'm big on Nivea.) I got the light green tube version because it's supposed to be the supermoisturizer type.
  12. I used to use this when I was growing up in London! My my and I swear by it. :tup:
  13. OMG! After reading this thread I almost bought Labello on Amazon for $12, but for that price I decided I could live without it...

    WELL, I found it at this random outlet place for $.99! They had the shine one in the pink tube, the med one in the white and blue tube and the plain tangerine one. I loooove it! I'm so excited I found it! :wlae:
  14. I used to use this years ago, when i was in school, I had completely forgotten about it. From what I remember it was pretty good.
  15. I think they have this brand online at, a Canadian pharmacy. Not sure what items of the brand they have. I have bought from them before (I am in USA), and besides taking a little bit of time to get here, I have had good experiences. I buy some of the high SPF mosturizers they carry