labellefashionoutlet - legit???

  1. Hey ladies, I need your expert opinion - do you know if labellefashionoutlet sells authentic jeans? They have all the labels at really low prices - more than 50% below retail...Does anyone know about this site? I want a pair of sevens and can't find them anywhere else, and this site requires a 15% restocking fee on returns.:confused1: THANKS SO MUCH!
  2. Site smelled strongly:yucky: like one of the fake bag sites so I simply typed in words
    "labellefashionoutlet" and "fake" in Google and found this message board - one person ordered and... fake, fake, fake. Another clue is too much "legalese" junk on the site FAQ, I see this a lot with fake bag sites. I suppose it's meant to inspire confidence in the site somehow, knowing that they won't sell your email address (but they will sell you fake junk if they can).

    2 things:

    1-If it were legit it would have been mentioned on TPF.
    2- ...sounds too good to be true? - it is
    and a third:
    -the fake sites always have such stupid names

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