Labeling boxes / dust bags

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  1. Apologies if this is posted elsewhere, I couldn't find a thread.

    How do you (or do you) label the boxes and/or dust bags? I have a label maker I use for everything, but don't want to ruin the boxes, KWIM? I was thinking about getting the new Post-It label things, but then my handwriting will be on them and I wanted a cleaner look.

    I just look in my closet, and despite feeling organized, I can't remember which box has which SLG.

  2. I don't store any of my handbags in boxes, just the dustbags which I don't label. I have a pretty good idea where things are so I just kind of guess. I keep my keychains and such in boxes, by not anything leather, just the dustbags, so nothing's labeled. I keep certain SLG's stored in certain purses that I usually carry together, so that helps, but for the most part I just have to search for stuff! I know what you mean about wanting to be organized, I sometimes feel the same way.......but I just don't want to write or label the dustbags because then I feel they would be ruined...that's just me! Not much help, sorry!
  3. That's how I feel, too (about ruining the boxes). That's why I thought the post-it labels might be a good alternative. Hmm.
  4. I recently bought a label maker just so I could know what was in each box. It was too annoying to open each box to see what was inside. Now, everything looks so neat, and I can tell at a glance what's inside each box, and I'm not worried about the labels ruining the boxes. It's really worth it, just to see everything so organized.
  5. Good to know laurineg! I love my labelmaker and label everything else. I don't know why I'm so hesitant to use it on my bag/SLG boxes.
  6. Stupid ? what is SLG? Thanks... =)
  7. I am not this organized but a girl I knew actually had a photo of each item and she stuck it with tape on the side of each box.All were boxed and she would see what was in each box..purses and shoes she did this ...

  8. small leather goods... like wallets
  9. Thank you sooo much!!! I kept seeing that...I just had to know :smile:
  10. Since I do not have a label machine. I just printed out photos and the names of the bags and glued them onto the boxes


  11. Wow, thanks beljwl. What an enviable collection!
  12. VERY VERY NICE!!! :drool: Yes that is what my one friend does too...VERY smart idea...maybe one day I will do it too...
  13. Good thread! I do have a label maker, but I have been using Post-It notes. I don't care about the handwriting as I'm the only one using the bags. I just need to know which bag is inside the box.

  14. That's a great idea!
  15. Last night I went and got some of the post-it label things. I put them on each box. Wasn't happy. So I tried my label maker on a burberry box and tried peeling it off and it did not tear the box.

    So I made label-maker labels for each box. I think for things I don't box, I'll make paper tags and pin them on the dustbag with a pretty ribbon and a safety pin.