Label360 willing to custom order bags AND discount 25%!!! - I'm in for a wine nikki!

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  1. Hi ladies, perpetuating my love for Label 360 - Elise said that she is able to custom order bags if we can get 10 orders, but she will honor the 25% off for all TPF members!

    I talked to her specifically about a wine nikki, which would be 25% off $620 with free shipping = $465. Not suprisingly, this is a final sale unless defective. - I know that most people have been able to get it, but if you missed it, or were waiting for a deal, please let me know / post on this thread, and if I can get 10 people its a go! (That does sound like a lot of people huh...if you know people from other forums who want this bag, pass it on!)

    I was on a temporary ban until I scoped out the Tokyo bag scene, but screw that!:wlae:
  2. oh my god snuffles! Thats awesome. Now i'm really upset that i paid full price for the nikki!
  3. Did she say 10 of EACH kind? or just random 10 bags?
  4. WOW! Count me in!!
  5. I want one let me know!
  6. desi: 10 of each model, can't get THAT lucky! I know that a lot of people paid full price and I hate the thought that people missed out on this and feel a little bad about posting this, but I can't let such a great deal go...but its not a go yet, we need a lotta people!
  7. did she say what bags they were allowed to order?

    More basketweaves would be nice! I just sent an email to Catalina to ask if there was any compensation they could offer us!

    Its highly unfair for us to pay full price, when within 2-3 weeks its being offered at a great discount!
  8. omg desi, you rock! i was totally about to cry in my corner... :crybaby:
  9. If black basket weave MAM makes the popular list, I may be interested!
  10. I don't know what the restrictions are, she told them this before I specified which bag I wanted...I only talked to her about the Nikki and she talked to her buyer then and there and they said ti was OK for that bag.

    I'm a little worried that with all the new discount limitations at the other online stores, that RM may not permit Label to do this, I hope its OK!
  11. I don't think that RM set the limitations on Revolve.

    I think it was a policy Revolve chose to apply on all their designer labels.

    RM is still an upcoming designer. We think she is great, but with a lot of people still learning about her outside of TPF, it would be beneficial for them to still offer discounts. Just my two cents...
  12. OMG!~ i want a wine matinee!! please tell me that is possible!
  13. Thanks Desi for emailing Catalina please keepus posted. I am a little bummed too!
  14. AKA- i think it'll be possible if they get 10 orders! most of us made all our orders thru RM directly, so i hope there are still 10 ladies who haven't ordered that will be in! I ordered a wine matinee and Nikki. I'd appreciate a discount on atleast one of them
  15. word. I ordered a Matinee, Mam, and a Nikki. :sad: