label360 has some new rm's on their site...

  1. here. I'm really loving the yellow but not the studs.
  2. I love that yellow! I have to say that the studs are growing on me. I like the tassles, but sometines they are a pain.
  3. The cobalt blue matinee is beautiful.:drool:
  4. I love that blue colour.
  5. I just ordered the cobalt blue matinee with the discount code Toutie30 ... hopefully it will look fabulous IRL. :smile:
  6. The cobalt blue has already sold out.
  7. I was gonna say, what's this cobalt blue people are talking about?haha. It wasn't there when I looked. The white/cream lex is gorgeous though!

  8. That was fast! Everyone's going nuts over these awesome spring colors, it's an RM frenzy :sweatdrop::boxing:
  9. ^Indeed. I was contemplating that blue matinee for myself!
  10. There's already a cobalt matinee on eBay!
  11. ^what!
  12. And her BIN is <$460! How does she do it?
  13. Hautechick is awesome! Her prices are always the best, she has the most awesome bags, and she is totally cool! I highly recommend her!
  14. Who here is going to get it? Hurry!

    And yeah, how DOES she do it???