label360 code question

  1. i want to order a RM MAM off label360, since the freakin' RM customer service won't email me back about what's available from the sample sale. i remember reading a while ago that there was a 30% off code, but that may be expired by now. i know there's a 25% off code now, but i'm hoping there's a way to combine two codes for label360. i'd read on another thread that some people were able to do that for revolveclothing.

    also wondering if there isn't a 30% code for label360, does anyone know if label360 will match revolve's discount code? i thought i saw that revolve has a 30% off code right now.

    thanks everyone!
  2. label360 has a 30% off code - toutie30.
    revolve has a new 25% code that I just saw floating around, but can't remember. Do a search for it and it will pop right up, I'm sure.
  3. Use "toutie36" for 36% off. I tried emailing them a couple of days ago and never got a response; you're better off calling them.
  4. Hmm, the one time I ordered from Label 360 they were super quick with their e-mail responses. I doubt you can stack codes there.