Label360 36% Off For 36 Hours

  1. Visit our brand new site and save 36% off your entire purchase. Use code save36 at checkout. Valid from noon May 9th till 1159PM on May 10.

    Grand- reopening sale :woohoo:
  2. Is this site legit ?
  3. Great post-and yes, it's legit!:yes:
  4. definitely legit!

  5. Thanks! I think that I am signed up for every newsletter there is because I get at least 50 a day. Unless I have ordered from a store (which in this case, I haven't), I assume they are legit, but don't know for certain. Still, I post them for tPF members because I know that someone here will be familiar with it. I will now add this to my list of those okay to buy from. You ladies are great!! I sometimes feel like I could find a cure here for whatever ails me. Speaking of husband had hand surgery yesterday and is driving me NUTS!!! You would think that he had given birth!! LOL!! Kidding! And the way I deal with my stress is to go online and buy a new handbag. Perhaps I had best stay away from the computer for the next couple of weeks or I'll be broke.
  6. I feel your pain...if men gave birth-we'd have no overcrowding in this world-because they are such babies-they'd NEVER do it a second time! Good luck w/your patient!:roflmfao:
  7. Thanks! I truly believe that because he is a doctor, it's even worse. Several of the hospital nurses told me yesterday that medical professionals make the worst patients! I'm sure that's not always the case. I just think that men need the extra attention. Women (or perhaps just myself) want to be left alone.:crybaby:
  8. Does anyone know the sizing of their T-shirts? Are they the normal sizing or do they run small?

  9. the junkfood tshirts? I normally wear an XS and the small fits me perfectly. I dontk now if that helps?? but they are quite stretchy as well and really soft!
  10. Thanks for the help. Do you wear an XS in normal everyday t-shirts? I normally wear a medium but those are usually unisex t-shirts. I don't know if I need to get a large if they are cut just a bit smaller?
  11. Thanks!! I just orderedwhole bunch of stuff!!