Label360 36% Off Extended Through Friday 5/11


    Sale extended through Friday May 11

    Use code save36 at checkout
  2. I tried it just now, but the code does not work at all!
    Anyone has the same problem? or just me? :sad:
  3. I'm sorry. I just went back and reread the newsletter to see if I missed something, but I posted it correctly. The code is save36

    In addition, I tried it to see if it worked and it did for me. Try it again, and if not perhaps you could call them. Good luck.
  4. Thank you bagachondriac.

    I actually also received this ad. I tried several times but it said like this code had been used or invalid?!:confused1:

    I'll keep trying anyway! :yes:
  5. That's strange, but yet I've seen stranger!! Try calling their customer service number. I hope you get it to work for you as I know how frustrating that is.