Label Addicts Collection

  1. Hi everyone I thought it was a bout time I added my collection. I am sure I've missed some pieces but I'll update as I go. My BF also Collects so if thats ok with everyone I add his things later too.

    Here we go enjoy!
    Collection 1.jpg All Acc.jpg
  2. Monogram
    Speedy 25, Salsa Musette long Strap, Recital

    Cherry Blossom Brown & pink combo, Damier 26

    Antigua & Denim
    Cabas PM in Ecru, Baggy PM in Fuschia with Long Strap
    Non LV.jpg Dior Side.jpg Mono.jpg Papillons.jpg Antigua & Denim.jpg
  3. Epi
    Black Cannes, Yellow Cannes, Red Pochette with Silver Hardwear
    Gold Speedy, Silver Speedy, Gold Pochette, Silver Pochette
    Epi.jpg Miroirs.jpg
  4. Fabulous collection!! Such a nice variety. Congrats.
  5. You have a lot of my favorite pieces! cant wait to see his collection!
  6. Now the accessories

    Bandana & Shawl
    Cerise Bandana, White Multicolour Bandana, Groom Red Bandana, Orange Perfo Bandeau, Black Monogram Shawl

    Monogram Accessories
    Passport Holder, Wapity, Credit Card Holder

    Long Chain Pastilles Multicolour, Phone Charm Multicolour

    White multicolour Bookmark, White Carnet de Bal, Black Agenda, White astropill

    Cles in Framboise
    Bandana & Shawl.jpg Mono Acc.jpg Pastilles Acc.jpg MC Acc 2.jpg Vernis Acc.jpg
  7. Limited Edtion
    Groom Rond Cles, Orange Perfo Plate, Snowglobe
    VIP Gifts
    White Multicolour Bookmark, Travel Kit (eye mask & pillow)
    Limited Acc.jpg VIP Acc.jpg
  8. fabulous collection
  9. Books
    LV Travels Guides 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, LV Icons
  10. oops forgot pic
    books all.jpg
  11. great collection! i love your cles and your perfo plate!
  12. Awesome collection. Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  13. Wow, great bags! Love the CB Pap!!
  14. Luv all the LV accessories :heart:
  15. Love it all!