Label 360 and the tangy MAM

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  1. I ordered last night. I called this AM to confirm and she said they had sold out but were getting more in tomorrow and that they would ship this week. Do you think this is reliable? I don't want to wait 2 weeks for this bag. Any thoughts?
  2. They dont get more reliable than Label 360 ;)

    You dont have anything to worry about =)
  3. yay!! I had thought I remembered something about them saying 1 thing and then not honoring it but it must have been another e-tailer. I can't remember anything anymore!
  4. Label is the best! don't worry they'll take care of you!
  5. how much did you pay for it?
  6. I used toutie30 so it was $385.
  7. good-i was just going to give you that code if you didn't have it.
  8. I've always had good customer service with Label360.
  9. I bought the other day from label but I have not heard anything from them??
  10. I too ordered a MAM from label 360 the other night in tangerine. TODAY I got the email: YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN SHIPPED! I got a tracking number, etc.
    I just checked and I will have the bag on the 4th! SO excited.
  11. I don't see the tangy MAM listed on label 360's site. Will they do a custom order? 30% is insane! I've never bought the same bag in 2 different colors, but I'm very tempted to order a 2nd MAM at 30% off.
  12. 2nd this. I'm very very interested, but I don't see it on their website anymore. Hoping to hear good news.
  13. OP, the rep you spoke to is correct. I ordered the MAM in Tangerine on the 25th, and the shipment just arrived yesterday and was shipped out on the same day. Like someone else who posted above me, I received the e-mail and was INCREDIBLY excited! Label360 is the best with customer service. They honored a 30% promo code for me that wasn't available when I first ordered my purse, which was REALLY nice of them. So no worries!
  14. They ran out of the tangerine bag already, but is maintaining a waiting list for those who are interested. They will find out by next week if they are getting any more in. Call them to be put on waiting list. Hoping I can still use the 30% coupon when it is available.
  15. Just got on the waiting list at Label360. There are about 5 people on the list. Does anyone know of any other site selling the Tangy MAM at a good price that actually has them to ship?