Label 360 - 25% Off

  1. thank you- my savior!
  2. You're beginning to make me feel guilty young are buying far too many handbags as of late!! LOL!! What on earth did you buy this time? BTW...speaking of the lunar eclipse tonight starting at about 10:00 pm and lasting about 50 minues. As least for that hour, you won't be spending any money!!!!
  3. i haven't bought anything yet :sneaky::sneaky:

    but i sure will be!
  4. thanks bag!
  5. just so you know it works on sale items too
  6. toutie30 works for 30%
  7. Just had to say I love :heart::girlsigh:label360. They have the best customer service and they are super friendly. They have some neat purse hooks if anybody needs those too.

    Bag- you're such an enabler- but a great one!! :love: Love the codes. Thanks!