LA Weight Loss

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  1. Has anyone out there tried LA Weight Loss ? If so, whats the program like. Do they make you buy their food, or can you cook your own? Is it expensive to join? Flexible? Do you have to attend meetings?
    Any and all opinions welcome.
  2. anybody.....i would like to know toooo
  3. I just started LA Weight Loss last week. I am really enjoying it. I feel like I can accomplish this better than WW or Jenny Craig. The price is relative to any other weight loss system. You tell them how much weight you want to lose. The average weight loss is about 2 lbs a week and as much as 7 is healthy. So at the average 2 lb weight they tell you how long it would take for you to lose the weight. The most you spend per week is 7 dollars a week. I got there during a 5 dollar a week promotion.
    The first 2 days you're in detox. You drink this juice that taste like orange juice, plus 64 oz of water, and unlimited protein and raw green veggies. You're allowed light dressing and tea and coffee and 24 oz of diet soda if you need it.
    On the last day of detox you go back to the center to get your personalized meal plan. Basically it will tell you you can have a certain amount of protein, veggies, fruit, starch, etc. It also has a guide to restaurants, what equals a full serving, and substitution (Carb Cravers allows you to eat carbs as a substitute for protein once a day and frozen foods can be eaten as a protein and starch, but beware. When you eat frozen foods you have to drink another 16 oz. of water.)

    I've been doing great on it, but I only started Wednesday. I just feel it's something I can do. It's just difficult to eat all of the protein sometimes. Also, no salt. They ask that you use 1/4tsp of Morton Lite salt (which is nasty). But it's vital because it's basically potassium. Also you have to go to the center 3 times a week.

    The great thing is if you reach your goal weight, which they guarantee and maintain that weight for a year they will give you half your money back. I could probably keep going, but I think that this is enough for now.
  4. thanks for the information....all the best with your weight loss..