La Tour Eiffel bags?

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  1. they're trying to channel LV and opinion anyway.
  2. Never heard of this brand? Looks kind of cheap to me, but maybe they look different in person.
  3. I have one. It's leather with some texture. It was carried for two years and it's still it decent condition. Some corners show signs of wear and the straps have darkened and are wrinkled but that's because it carried so much stuff in it...
  4. Looks interesting.
  5. LOVE LTE....own several and still counting....Personally, rather have LTE than LV....that's just me.
  6. not digging those bags. they look like LV wannabe bags.
  7. They would look nice if they are presented nicely, I mean a products picture is a lot better than modeling with the bags.. uh just a photographer point of view lol
  8. Love these bags had them for ten years and look great.
  9. i really like the white one that pops up first on the flash, but they do look very LV inspired. not sure what's up with the leopard monogram combination, though, it's a little odd.
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