LA Times new "Image" section

  1. The LA Times has restructured their Lifestyle section to the new "IMAGE" section. This week was the first week of the change, and I nearly skipped over it since the cover was about how Lauren Conrad from MTV's The Hills went trolling the alley (LA's wholesale shopping district) for deals.

    After getting past the first page, there were some pretty good features / articles.

    1. COCO, 90210: Highlights and review of the new flagship Chanel store in Beverly Hills.,1,2346877.story?coll=la-headlines-lifestyle

    2. Virtual Reality Row: : Online shopping sites, includes bluefly, Shopbop, portero, many more.,1,7387531.story?coll=la-headlines-lifestyle

    3. Vegas Shopping and Deals:info on the best shops and sale dates in Vegas.,1,5421446.story?coll=la-headlines-lifestyle.

    4.,1,1040745.story?coll=la-headlines-lifestyle. Reviews this season's IT bags.

    More sections, but these were the best. Visit for more.
  2. Most of those "IT" bags are ugly. The author of the article wasn't kidding.
  3. Not to be off-topic, but I've heard of this LA alley before-where is it and how good are the deals? you can pm me if you'd like, but I would love to know since I wasn't able to go to Italy or new york like I planned this year.I need a shopping trip w/ bargains:crybaby:!!!
  4. Very cool! Thanks for posting! I'll admit I love that Chanel "Coco's Croco" bag, but $3000 for satin scares me more than seeing a real live crocodile in my bed.