LA Times article on Murakami goods @ MOCA

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  1. Article in today's LA Times about the LE goods at the Murakami show at MOCA. I know you ladies already know all about the designs but I thought it was interesting (but not surprising) that they're practically gone before the show even opens!

    Wait List
    Show stealers

    Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

    The Neverfull tote by Takashi Murakami.

    October 28, 2007

    THE "Murakami" show at the Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art doesn't even open until Monday, but the madness has already started.

    Not over exhibit or gala tickets, over handbags. The museum's press office has been fielding calls for weeks about the limited-edition Neverfull totes. They go on sale Monday at the Louis Vuitton boutique created as part of the retrospective of the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, whose fame skyrocketed when he collaborated with the French luxury goods brand on logo designs incorporating his Superflat style.

    [​IMG] Louis Vuitton
    [​IMG] click to enlarge

    The sturdy tote comes in three sizes ($875 to $965) in the traditional Louis Vuitton Damier canvas with natural-colored leather handles. On the side is an oversized "LV" in psychedelic colors, emblazoned with a pair of hands and smiling flowers. This singular image is even more distinctive than the all-over logo and cherry prints the artist created for the luxury goods firm a few years back, elevating this bag even more into the realm of high art.

    There are drawstrings on either side of the bag, and a strap that clips across the top to keep belongings safe. The lining is a cheery-pink canvas, and the inside pocket is big enough for a cellphone and BlackBerry. It's a cute knock-around-town-on-a-Saturday bag, though it would be nice if there were feet on the base to keep it from getting dirty.

    The same "LV" emblazons a $255 circular coin purse. Too small even for credit cards, it's almost useless unless you just want it as a souvenir.

    The best bet may be the agenda, which comes in three styles ($500 to $700), because it features a new Murakami character, Chibi Kinoko, which means "little mushroom," making it a true collector's piece. The calendar pages are replaceable, which means you could use it for years to come .

    All of the items are exclusive to the exhibition store and, yes, quantities are limited, though Vuitton won't say how limited. So you'd better get in line.


    Booth Moore
  2. Thanks for the article....
    I feel so left out, I'm not in CA !!!
  3. i need to get down there asap!!
  4. wow thanks for the article :smile:

    so saaad that i'm in a different continent haha. by the way, what's the inside of the limited edition neverfull like? :smile:
  5. Thanks for sharing =)
  6. Thanks for sharing
  7. I know me too. :cry:

    I wish they allowed charge-send orders.
  8. ^Eek, well if they're going to be as limited as that article states, then I can see why they aren't going to.
  9. ^ wow, in that last ebay auction the seller said that only 250 of these Neverfulls were made, and they they all sold out already....:wtf: is that true???

    i was planning to go to MOCA on Saturday (the 5th) but I guess most of the LV stuff will be gone by then? :sad:
  10. oopsies, writer got her canvas mixed up :Push:
  11. ^^that's 3 different listing the luggage tag in the middle one it's really cute
  12. wow, these pieces sound more limited than i thought! i'm not able to make it to la until the weekend of nov 9th, so it sounds like no pieces will be left by then. i was really hoping for a neverfull. thanks for posting!
  13. oh bummer I so want one but I live in UK :sad: Its so unfair why cant they have one here