La*Ti*Da Boutique Is Offering A 30% New Customer Discount Until February 4th!!


    Upon discovering this adorable online boutique, I emailed the owner to inquire about whether or not she would be willing to match Revolve's new customer discount. Just minutes ago, I received the response that I was hoping for!!

  2. cool! Bag you're the greatest!!!!
  3. Wow, I can't believe they still have Kooba Sienna bags. Has anyone purchased from la ti da before? I wonder if they are authentic handbags.

  4. Thanks mzmba--you're sweet to say that!

    jlp....I would assume that she sells only authentic bags, although to ease your concerns you may want to call Kim at her phone # listed above.
  5. I wonder if they will honor this in-store. I live about 20 mins from the boutique (well..I am at school now) but maybe I will make my mom stop by.