LA Sample Sale!

  1. I am SOO jealous!!!!
  2. Is there going to be a TPF VIP night? :smile:
  3. That would be a shame! I think it would be a disservice to not bring the plethora of samples over to the west coast. I mean it when I say I have NEVER seen that amount of "sample" bags at a RM sale. EVER. I've been to every one since 2008. I can't imagine what they would do with those one of a kinds - certainly wouldn't make sense to put them up with an inventory of 1 on the Black Friday OSS.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you west coast gals :tup:
  4. The giltcity iphone app has a deal for a $5 early admission ticket to the LA sale. (Entry time is Dec. 2 from 5-9pm and comes with free champagne). The ticket purchase price is returned as a $5 credit toward your purchase. Unfortunately, the deal isn't showing up on the giltcity site.
  5. Thanks! I got one :smile:
  6. ^ Oh so there will be a VIP night then.
  7. Is anyone going to go to the Gilt City preview night? I'll be there! I'll probably be wearing my peach MAC. I'm only going to purchase a black MAC for my bestie, and maybe something cute for myself :p

    This is my first RM sample sale and I have a few questions:

    1. How much would a black leather MAC be?

    2. What about a Benjamin wallet, how much for this cutie?

    3. What forms of payment do they accept? Do they take AmEx? Cash? Is there tax?

    Thanks :hugs:
  8. Does anyone know if the VIP night is only available to people who purchase the $5 admission or will it also be available to TPF members like the one in the Spring? I was about to buy the ticket, but I wanted to make sure ;)
  9. MACs were $182 at the NYC SS

    Benjamins were $50

    They do take cash and card (definitely Visa and Mastercard, not sure about Amex) and there was tax for NYC SS unsure about any other SS.

  10. Thanks babybel!
  11. I wasn't sure either, so I just got one. The $5 goes back to your purchase as credit anyway, so as long as you're buying something it's free admission!
  12. In the past, VIP night was free- open to TPFers and such. I'm surprised they're actually charging $$ for it, regardless of the credit toward purchase.

    I've used AMex before at the SS.
  13. Am I crazy for thinking of skipping the sale this year? I really can't be spending and haven't seen much to tempt me in the photos from the NYC sale. I'd love to be able to see some true sample bags, but if previous sales are any indication, LA never gets anything like that. Maybe I'll just take a look at the reports from the VIP night and see if it's worth going.
  14. I'm also probably skipping. I just don't cotton to the new hardware and I'm pretty broke anyway... but maybe I'll go just for fun. Fun usually = buying something, though!
  15. ^ I'm pretty much just going for fun too! I love spending time with all the Minkettes!