La Rok "yard sale"

  1. Just wondering if anyone's planning on going or has ever been to the La Rok yard sale?

    According to Time Out NY, it's going on at:

    Venue: LaROK showroom
    <LI class=theItem>Times: Today, Tomorrow 10am-6pm. <LI class=theItem>Address: 250 W 39th St between Seventh and Eighth Aves, suite 1701 Midtown West [​IMG]
    Anyone know how good the deals normally are?
  2. thanks for the heds up. I will check it out after work today.
  3. anyone who goes, please post and tell us how it was thanks!
  4. I went yesterday and there was a mish-mash of items. If you're willing to dig, you could definitely find some good deals. There were a random -- but cute -- prada, marc jacobs, manolos and Gucci shoes for sale. Items from larok and other designers. I saw a couple of juicy cashmere items. The most decadent -- and adorable -- thing I saw were larok cashmere leggings for just $25. I got a great dress that looks a lot like the rachel palley mexico dress for just $10. It really was like a fun yard sale.

    Again, the prices are excellent but the selection is very random. I didn't see anything over $40 and I suspect they'll be lower today. I got a pair of gucci sunglasses for $5 and I was about to grab the fendi glasses when someone else picked them up. I suspect they are authentic because the folks running the sale make items for different designers. Also saw Prada fabric bags for $20.

    20% of purchase price goes to charity.
  5. uggg I am so kicking myself after reading what you wrote (especially if all those items were new! Anyone else going? I'd pay you back for a Prada fabric bag! serioulsy, LOL)

    I made my once-a-season trip to NYC yesterday, and I was 5 blocks away but I didn't end up going! I so shouldn't have spent my morning down at the 17-18th streets...rummaging through the Barney's sale (I got a hussein chalayan top + cheap monday jeans = $30...good deal but too much digging involved... the yard sale seems a lot funner)

    sigh...i am so regretting... I almost want to hop on a train and go back to NYC.
  6. Tempted tempted tempted. Was it crowded?
  7. ack! I was in the area yesterday but didn't know there was going to be so much stuff! ill have to go today.... boooo i dont wanna though.
  8. I went today (around 12ish) and I didn't see much bags left. No prada's at all... I saw some used coach bags. 7 all man kind jeans were $30-35 and the rest were assorted stuff that I didn't look because it was pretty crowded. There was a bin of $1 items but it has some sort of damage to it.
    Here are the items I got: Birkenstock, Juicy Couture cashmere scarf and a Theory trench coat all for $10 bucks each.
  9. ^^ OMG! I totally forgot about this sale and I missed it! :crybaby:Gucci sunnies for $5 and Theory trench coat for $10?!?! Now that's what I call steals. :ninja: